Grand Opening

Party with High Point!!!

Come celebrate the Grand Opening of High Point Cannabis. The day is 4/20 and doors will open at 9:00 am to let the party begin. We will be having crazy deals all day long. There will be vendors set up for you to meet and learn more about each of their facilities and operations. Each customer will have the chance to spin the wheel and earn extra reward points or automatic discounts depending on where the wheel stops. So make sure to mark the date in your calendar and celebrate with the gang at High Point. Where our goal is to help you "Reach your Peak."

4/20 Specials

So now I bet you are wondering what kind of deals, well let me list them out for you. Are you ready? Ounces from EGP will be out the door at $60 each. We will have Treehawk's Snoop's Dream available in 1g joints for $5, Flower - 1g at $6, 3.5g at $20 and 7g at $40. Hazy Daze will have 1g Joints in 5 different strains for $5 each. Cedar Creek will be offering a 1g cartridge for $30 and 2 grams of Chemdawg flower for $10. Gaga 10 pk Hard Candies will be all on sale for $15 each as well as their 1g kief infused Dragon Weed Joint for $6. We will wrap it up with 1g Walden concentrates - 3 strains in your bag for $15 each and Soil to Oil will have multiple strains to choose from for $20. So make sure to bring your $$$ and come save by spending at High Point Cannabis.

Wheel and Deals

We are adding two other ways to save on 4/20. First - if you buy any 4 items at regular price you will receive 20% off. Second way to save is to Spin the Wheel - We will have the wheel set up and each customer will have the opportunity to spin the wheel to receive bonus points to add to your loyalty account or an automatic discount to use on your purchase on 4/20. These 2 options are on regular priced items and do not include products already on sale.