Budtenders Picks

Josh P - Budtender

Josh P.

Budtenders Picks

Flower - Grape Ape (Blue Roots)
Edible - Catapult Infused Coffee (Fairwinds)
Joint - Granddaddy Orange 2pk (Cashmere)
Topical - Wonder Rub (Hazy Daze)
Concentrate -Sensi Star N.R. (Regulators)
Cartridge - Mendo Breath (Smokey Point) 
Gadget - Joint Bubbler (RAW)

Alex W - Budtender

Alex W.

Budtenders Picks

Flower - Pure Funk 
Edible - Atomic Apple (Venspark)
Joint - Cedar Creek
Topical - Salvation (Green Revolution)
Concentrate - Secret Gardens of Washington dabs are all good
Cartridge - ATF (Regulator)
Gadget - Toker poker 

Nicole T - Budtender

Nicole T.

Budtenders Picks

Flower - Blueberry (Secret Garden's of WA)
Edible - Vitality Fast Tabs (Green Revolution) 
Joint - Birthday Cake Blunt (Dose) 
Topical - Lip Balm Tropical (Dynamic Processors) 
Concentrate - Super Silver Haze Nug Run (Smokey Point) 
Cartridge - Thai 47 (D&C)
Gadget - Quarts Banger (West Coast Distributors)

Maria M - Budtender

Maria M.

Budtenders Picks

Flower - Jack Herer from (Cedar Creek)
Edible - Happy Apple (Venspark)
Joint - Gelato Cake (Blue Roots)
Topical - CBN pen (Dynamic Processors)
Concentrate - Chocodile Hash (Blue Roots)
Cartridge - ATF (Regulator)
Gadget - Raw Bubbler

Alex P - Budtender

Alex P.

Budtenders Picks

Flower - Obama Kush (High State Farms) 
Edible - Turn on Peace Spray (Green Revolutioin)
Joint - Durban Poison (D's Nuggz)
Topical - Sativa Infusions (Double Delicious) 
Concentrate - Alien Rift (Oleum)
Cartridge - Green Ribbon (Smokey Point)
Gadget - Delta Battery (Optimum Extracts)

Bri L - Budtender

Bri L.

Budtenders Picks

Flower - Orangeade (Blue Roots)
Edible - Penut Butter Cups (Honu) 
Joint - Grape Ape Blunt (Dose)
Topical - Lavender Nighttime Nourishing (Dynamic Processors)
Concentrate - 2:1 Chill Tincture (Green Revolution) 
Cartridge - Honey Crisp CBD Delta Pod (Optimum Extracts)
Gadget - High Point Airo Vape Battery (West Coast Distributors)

Alicia F - Purchasing Manager

Alicia F.

Budtenders Picks

Flower - Clementine (Smokey Point)
Edible - Sour Cream and Onion CannaChips (Blue Root)
Joint - Birthday Cake (Dose)
Topical - Wonder Rub (Hazy Daze)
Concentrate -  Platinum Cinex (Smokey Point)
Cartridge -  Chemdawg  (Cedar Creek)
Gadget -Airo Vape Battery (West Cost Distributors)

Derek C - Store Manager

Derek C.

Budtenders Picks

Flower - Orangeade (Blue Roots)
Edible -  Mango Major (Green Med Labs)
Joint - Grape Ape Blunt (Dose)
Topical - Flow Cream (Fairwinds)
Concentrate - Blackberry Cake (Oleum)
Cartridge - Pez (Regulator)
Gadget - Silicone Dab Rig with Titanium Nail (West Coast Distributors)