Budtenders Picks

Josh P - Budtender

Josh P.

Budtenders Picks

Flower - Pacific Blue (Falcanna)
Edible - Cookies and Cream Disc's (Honu)
Joint - Shatter Joint (Smokey Point)
Topical - Mary's CBN Patch (Dynamic Processors)
Concentrate -Do-Si-Dos (Blue Roots) 
Cartridge - Dutch Treat (Optimum) 
Gadget - Bamboo Rolling Tray (RAW)

Alex W - Budtender

Alex W.

Budtenders Picks

Flower -  Blueberry (Secret Gardens of WA) 
Edible - Raspberry Fruit Jellies (Sweet Junes)
Joint - Candy Queen (Falcanna)
Topical - Wonder Rub (Hazy Daze)
Concentrate - Lemon Haze OG (Secret Gardens of WA)
Cartridge - Nigerian Haze (High Noon)
Gadget -  Rolling Trays (Raw)

Nicole T - Budtender

Nicole T.

Budtenders Picks

Flower - Super Lemon Haze (D's Nuggz)
Edible - Sativa Serum (Green Revolution) 
Joint - Ewok (D's Nuggz) 
Topical - Wonder Rub (Hazy Daze) 
Concentrate - Captain Cake #2 (High Noon)  
Cartridge - Agent Orange (Dose)
Gadget - Novelty Carb Cap (Madhatters)

Maria M - Budtender

Maria M.

Budtenders Picks

Flower - THC Bomb (Blue Roots)
Edible - 1:1 Dark Chocolate BonBomb's (Verdelux)
Joint - Mimosa (Blue Roots)
Topical - Fizzy Bath Salt's (Honu) 
Concentrate - Bruce Banner (Mammoth)
Cartridge - Everest (Smokey Point)
Gadget - Dab Pen (Ganesh)

Alex P - Budtender

Alex P.

Budtenders Picks

Flower - Oregon Silver Haze (Creekside)  
Edible - 100mg/100mg Happy Apple
Joint -  Cinex 25pk (D's Nuggz)
Topical - Lavander Bath Salt's (Honu) 
Concentrate - Lemon OG Bubble Hash (SBW) 
Cartridge - Dirty Girl (Smokey Point) 
Gadget - Smart Pen (Optimum)

Bri L - Budtender

Bri L.

Budtenders Picks

Flower -  Purple Punch (Blue Roots)
Edible - BBQ Canna Chips (Blue Roots)
Joint - Wedding Cake 9 (Creekside)
Topical -  Velvet Swing (Green Med Lab)
Concentrate - Diesel Berry (Walden) 
Cartridge -  Nigerian Haze (High Noon)
Gadget - Smart Pen (Optimum)

Alicia F - Purchasing Manager

Alicia F.

Budtenders Picks

Flower - Candied Grapes (Creekside)
Edible - Marionberry Doozies (Green Revolution)
Joint - Gelato Cake (Blue Roots)
Topical - Wonder Rub (Hazy Daze)
Concentrate -Diesel Berry (Walden) 
Cartridge - Alien Candy (D&C) 
Gadget - Terp Stick (WCD)

Derek C - Store Manager

Derek C.

Budtenders Picks

Flower - Chemdawg (Cedar Creek)
Edible -  Dark Orange 1:1 BonBombs (Verdelux)
Joint - Mimosa (Blue Roots)
Topical - Vice Stick (Hazy Daze)
Concentrate - Stradivarious (Falcanna)
Cartridge - Bubba Kush (Millennium) 
Gadget - Terp Stick Electric Nector Collector (WCD)