Budtenders Picks

Josh P - Budtender

Josh P.

Budtenders Picks

Flower - Pacific Blue (Falcanna) 
Edible - Chocolate Turtles (Honu) 
Joint - CBD Purple Kush Hash Joint (Seattle Bubble Works)
Topical - CBN Stick (Mary's Medicinals)
Concentrate - Jack Herer Live Resin (Oleum)
Cartridge - Chemmy Lemon Kush (Regulator/SPP)
Gadget - Glass Dab Straw (Mad Hatters)

Alex W - Budtender

Alex W.

Budtenders Picks

Flower - Purple Lemon Haze (Pacific Northwest Growers)
Edible - Lush Gummies (Verdelux)
Joint - All Secret Gardens of Washington Joints
Topical - Wonder Rub (Hazy Daze)
Concentrate - All Mammoth Labs Dabs
Cartridge - Super Cookie Haze (Regulator)
Gadget - Optimum Smart Pen (Optimum)

Nicole T - Budtender

Nicole T.

Budtenders Picks

Flower - Tahoe OG (Cashmere)
Edible - RSO Dirty Girl (DD)
Joint - Roll-X (Cashmere)
Topical - Vice Fizzy Bath (Hazy Daze) 
Concentrate - Alien Rift Cryotek (Oleum)
Cartridge - Cherry Pie (Dose)
Gadget - Big Foot Glass Pipe (Made in US)

Maria M - Budtender

Maria M.

Budtenders Picks

Eddibles - dark chocolate orange verdelux
Vape - D&C blood orange
Joint - Cashmere Durban 2 pack
Flower - Cashmere Blueberry Cheesecake 
Topical - Mary's sativa patch
Dab - oleum purple wedding punch
Gadget - ganesh dab pen

Alex P - Budtender

Alex P.

Budtenders Picks

Flower - Super Lemon Haze (Cashmere)
Edible - 40:1 Peach Doozie (Green Revolution)
Joint - Snoop's Dream (Treehawk)
Topical - Indica Gel Pen (Mary's Medicinal) 
Concentrate - CBD Isolate (Walden)
Cartridge - Cherry Pie (Dose)
Gadget - Daub & Spread Dab Tool (WCD)

Bri L - Budtender

Bri L.

Budtenders Picks

Flower - Hawaiian Diesel (Creekside)
Edible - Major Pink Lemonade (Green Med Lab)
Joint - Dose Mango Blunt (Dose)
Topical - Velvet Swing – (Green Med Lab)
Concentrate - Timber Kush (Falcanna)
Cartridge - Grapefruit Romulan (HN)
Gadget - G-Nail (Ganesh Vapes)

Alicia F - Purchasing Manager

Alicia F.

Budtenders Picks

Flower - Chemmy jones (Creekside)
Edible - Gimme Sa'mores (Honu)
Joint - Infused Gelato Joint (Oleum)
Topical - CBN Gel Pen (Mary's Medicinals) 
Concentrate - Diesel Thai (Falcanna)
Cartridge - Chemdawg (Cedar Creek)
Gadget - Raw Joint Bubbler (HBI)

Derek C - Store Manager

Derek C.

Budtenders Picks

Flower - Purple Lemon Haze (Pacific Northwest Growers)
Edible - Hazlenut Truffles (Honu)
Joint - 4pk Ken Dawg (Evergreen Gro Pro)
Topical - Vice Stick (Hazy Daze) 
Concentrate - 818 Headband (Mammoth)
Cartridge - Pineapple Chunk (Dose)
Gadget - Seahawks Silicone Kit - Mini Beaker Bong, Chillum and Spoon Pipe (WCD)