Meet The Team

Tracy - Budtender

Tracy Seachord


Tracy Seachord is a Port Gamble S’Klallam member. She is a brand new grandmother and almost a tribal Elder! Tracy has a very soft-spoken personality and loves to just help the customer find what they need. At the end of the day she likes to just go home and smoke a good sativa. Her favorite strain is strawberry cough.

Elaine - Budtender

Elaine Fulton


Elaine Fulton is forty years old with a high-spirited personality. She has two wonderful kids, who drive her to do good for them. She attended Everest College, graduating with her medical billing certificate in 2007. She a Port Gamble S’Klallam tribal member who loves weed, animals, and helping people in need (no questions asked). Her favorite strains are white widow, strawberry cough and sour diesel. At the end of the day Elaine just wants happiness for everyone.

Sarah - Budtender

Sarah Fulton


Sarah Fulton is a thirty-three year old Port Gamble S’Klallam member and mother of two. She graduated from Spectrum High School in 2007 and has been a connoisseur of the good stuff for over fifteen years. She is extraordinarily cheerful and animated and loves to help all the customers! Her favorite strain is the sativa Grapefruit from Pure Funk and her favorite terpene profile is limonene/pinene.

Chris - Budtender

Chris Treischel 


Chris Treischel is very excited to have gotten into the industry when he did, and plans to stay for the foreseeable future. He is ready to further any and all education in the cannabis field. He primarily enjoy sativa or hybrid flower strains;  his favorite strain is Pebble Cake, a hybrid that provides a stable, Headband-like high, that is mellow and not too racy. 

Maxwell - Shift Lead

Maxwell Atwood

Shift Lead

Maxwell Atwood was born in Spokane, WA, and has resided in the Kitsap area since 2008. His passions outside of cannabis include board sports, music, and body modification. He joined our little cannabis family in 2020, and loves talking and educating about all the new cannabis studies and facts coming out in a regulated market. He prefers good ole' flower as opposed to any other consumption method, although he tends to favor vaporizing his flower over smoking it, for a full spectrum flavor and effect. He is very excited about all the regulated research being done now on cannabis, particularly terpene and cannabinoid profiles, and the various moods and uses they offer. His approach consists of finding out what you're using your cannabis for, as well as what kind of mood or effects you want from it, and considering terpene and cannabinoid profiles to find something that will do exactly what you want/need from your cannabis!

Jonathan K - Shift Lead

Jonathan Kent

Shift Lead

Jonathan Kent is originally from Alabama and moved to Kitsap County in 2018. He loves to collect exotic pets and plants, play PC gaming, gardening, fishing, throwing knives, card collecting and he even has a panache for poker! He holds a degree in Electronics Technology and is the epitome of a “sativa diva”. His favorite strains are Adak, Aranciata and Chocolate Thai. His favorite terpenes are linalool and humulene.

Maria M. - Medical Consultant

Maria Monsoon

Medical Consultant

Maria was born in Kitsap county, but moved all over the country as a Marine Corps brat. She loves exploring the medical side of cannabis, while still enjoying the fun side of the effects. Durban Poison freshly rolled into a joint is her idea of a great way to start the morning; however, she has started to really enjoy more relaxing strains like Sour Zkittles. When she is not discovering new cannabis related information you can find her gardening, gaming, or watching hockey. Go Knights!

Thomas - Marketing Specialist

Thomas Zapletal

Marketing Specialist

Thomas Zapletal was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. Graduating from Western Washington University with bachelors in Studio Art Mixed-Media and Art History. Thomas continues to expand his wealth of knowledge into the cannabis industry. Although specializing in Indica flower, Thomas has a panache for trying most everything in the shop and enjoys spending time helping each customer get exactly what they want. He is still awaiting his Medical Marijuana 411 course and Medical Marijuana Consultant Certification. He is Fairwinds certified.

Nicole - Purchasing Manager

Nicole Taylor

Purchasing Manager

Nicole Taylor has resided in the Pacific Northwest the majority of her life. Always at the top of her class she graduated from a private school in Oregon at which point she moved onto Business School, Accounting, Psychology and funny enough, taxes. Throughout her career she spent years as a training manager where she helped develop training manuals and procedures as well as speak at lead conferences. Nicole first began her journey in the marijuana industry when she first started working at High Point. She is one of the original team members and has since then obtained her Medical Marijuana Consultant Certificate. We are excited to have her as our new product manager!

Derek C - Store Manager

Derek C.

Store Manager