High Point Cannabis - North Kitsap County

High Point Cannabis

High Point Cannabis, located in beautiful Kingston, Washington, is a journey back to the heart of the plant. Attractive, fluffy buds peek out from beneath bright packaging and stylish glass jars. Terpene dense flower mixed with the natural Kingston beauty adds another layer to the pungent aroma. High Point offers high quality cannabis provided at  a competitive price. Owned by the Port Gamble S’klallam Tribe, they are a most satisfactory source of potent flower, pre-rolls, concentrates, edibles, as well as topicals.

The Retail Shop

A number of friendly smiles greet you as you open the door of High Point Cannabis. The budtenders, several of who are medical marijuana consultants, are well educated and experienced with cannabis. Being in their care means having a budtender who knows how to guide everyone from a new comer to a cannabis enthusiast looking for a little something new. Their pieces are made by IB Glass, local and handmade in Port Townsend.


Everything from budget flower to the top shelf is of the best of quality. Starting at six dollars a gram, High Point’s budget flower is skunky and deeply satisfying. One excellent budget stain is Maui Waui from Forbidden Farms. It has a Sativa kick of tropical flavor, that lends to a creative euphoria.The middle tier of flower is honestly so good it’s hard to find better. In particular, the Chocolate Chunk by Cashmere is a happy, pain relieving Indica that can definitely produce a stoney head high.

Their top tier of flower is dominated by large buds, heavy with trichomes. One budtender favorite at High Point Cannabis is the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Alien strain, grown by the outstanding Secret Gardens of Washington. Coming in at over 30% THC, this Indica is an amazing smoke for evening time. The earthy high is elusive at first, but creeps up on you, allowing more freedom of movement and a relaxed head high that soothes away anxiety.

Concentrates and Edibles

Whether your taste is for crumble or shatter, live resin, wax or cartridges, High Point Cannabis has a wide selection of cannabis concentrates perfect for dabbing, adding to bowls, or vaporizing. Famous names like Super Silver Haze Wax, Presidential OG Crumble and Express 99 Live Resin are of the best quality; pale concentrates with pungent aromas. These provide relief for tight muscles, and cause the mind to gain height and simple clarity. Concentrates can be great for creative energy for an experienced user, and are particularly helpful for medical cannabis users as they provide an easy form of cannabis to vaporize.  

High Point Cannabis also has an array of edible treats to choose from. The traditional edible eater will particularly enjoy the brownies, as they are hard to put down. For those wanting something they can dose with food, the Non-Dairy Creamer edible, and P.B Cup by Gaga makes it simple. For beginners to edibles, start small at five milligrams or less and work your way up several hours later. Edibles take some time to kick in, and depending on experience, size and exposure to cannabis the high will be variable.

Topicals and Vaping

High Point offers vaping options, including battery kits for concentrates, and Ganesh Vapes Dab Nail Gpen. Vaping can be a good alternative for those with allergies or sensitivity to smoke. If you are looking for something soothing for the body, their cannabis store also has a selection of topicals. The Bath Soaks are superb, adding a swirl of relief to the bath. For those wanting quick relief there are also lotions, gels, and even sensual oil for the more adventurous.


High Point Cannabis is located in the Port Gamble S’kallam Tribe complex, with options for shopping, and even casino life, it is as easy to drop in and pick up some cannabis as it is to stay and enjoy the atmosphere of the tall pine trees. When you first pull into the complex, continue past the store and espresso stand to the grey building marked High Point Cannabis. Parking is located directly out front.

Don’t forget to check out the Gliding Eagle Market on your way out for some munchies for the ride home, or a hot cup of coffee at the Eagles Nest Espresso. What’s your favorite strain from High Point? Let them know next time at their Kingston, Washington cannabis store.